How to: build your own DANBOARD


Danbo or danboard doll made from a paper board carton. This doll is the creation of a comic artist Kiyohiko Azuma manga series Yotsuba. The expression of these cute cardboard became the main attraction.  The danbo doll can also formed with a variety of unique styles. This doll has a very unique shape,  with a human appearance with mini size of 7 cm and 13 cm. Danbo alone in Japan is sold at a starting price of 5000 yen per seed. In this small series of manga Danbo can move when there is a coin inserted into his mouth. Are you interested to having them? Currently this cardboard dolls can be ordered online at as you can see on the top left of the danboard doll.

How to build DANBOARD



Picture 1:  Part 16 use to make arms

Picture 2: Part 03 glue with item from picture 1 (1)

Picture 3: From part 06 and 07 glue barrel and merger with part 09 without glue

Picture 4: Item from picture 2 (2) glue with barrel from picture 3 (3)

Picture 5: Glue part 10 with part 11 and glue part 18 with part 19 and merge it with part 08 (without glue)

[part 10 in torso part 11 out, part 18 and 19 same]

Picture 6: Glue item from picture 4 (4) with item from picture 5 (5)

Picture 7: Like picture 3 but there is 2 barrels

Picture 8: Glue part 12 with barrels from picture 7 (7)

Picture 9: Glue item from picture 6 (6) with item from picture 8 (8)

Picture 10: From part 01 and 04 make head

Picture 11: Glue head to torso

Picture 12: Join with part 02 to make leggs

Picture 13: and merge with barrel (make it from part 17 and 05)

Picture 14: Glue barrel parts from legs with torso.


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